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Substitute Licensed Vocational Nurse
Title:Substitute Licensed Vocational Nurse
Location:Los Angeles, CA
Company Description
ATS+Partners is a talent recruitment, flex staffing and consulting firm specializing in connecting talent to high-need positions. Our mission is to make a sustainable impact by providing an innovative approach to meeting the human capital needs of schools through a multitude of diverse & inclusive strategies.

Job Description
-      Performs or assists the credentialed School Nurse with basic nursing care, personal care, and protocols. These protocols may include but are not limited to the following: diabetes monitoring such as blood sugar testing and insulin administration, catheterization, gastrostomy tube feeding, oral suctioning, ostomy care, injecting medications, tracheostomy suctioning, and ventilator dependent care.

-      Assists credentialed School Nurse with general health office management, documentation, and immunization record maintenance.

-      Assists students in the physical use of books, classroom materials, and equipment.

-      Carries out the instructions of a supervising credentialed School Nurse to implement special physical handling, care, or exercise prescribed by the student’s health care provider.

-       Cleans medical equipment as prescribed by the credentialed School Nurse or written protocol.

-       Administers prescribed medication as directed by the credentialed School Nurse.

-       Assists teachers in maintaining discipline and encouraging acceptable behavior by the students.

-       May assist teachers on field trips by helping students meet physical needs and maintaining discipline.

-       May lift disabled students in and out of holding or locomotive devices and on and off buses.

-       May make minor adjustments on special equipment, such as wheel chairs, crutches, braces, standing tables, and gurneys.

-       May obtain food from the kitchen, serve food and feed students, or help them feed themselves.

-       May assist students with all aspects of toileting which may include diapering and lifting students on and off the toilet, changing tables, and mats.

-       Performs related duties as assigned.

-       Must possess a California Vocational Nurse License and performs specialized physical health care procedures requiring technical manual skills practiced under the direction of a credentialed School Nurse.

-       Compared to other organizations, our compensation rates are competitive.
-       Access to health care and 401(K) options for eligible employees.
-       A rewarding experience honing your teaching skills, gaining access to potential employers or learning new career skills.
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